Study Abroad (applications are now closed)

Study BoardPromising Chinese scholars and graduate students (M.A, Ph.D., or Post Doctoral) are invited for short-term study abroad to advance their understanding of the field of cultural psychology of religion. The fellowship will be a period of three to six months of intensive reading, lecture attendance, and mentoring in psychology of religion with the goal of writing a publishable manuscript or designing a well-defined research project.


The purpose of the fellowship award includes:

  • Preparing a generation of promising graduate students in psychology of religion.
  • Supporting mid career psychologists who wish to engage in research and writing at a nationally recognized graduate school with faculty specializing in issues of psychology of religion.
  • Building relationships between Western psychologists of religion and Chinese scholars.
  • Inspiring these students to help build the field of Chinese psychology of religion.

Candidates will submit a proposal that outlines their purposes, research objectives, and desired placement. The following categories are eligible to apply (use application below) for the study abroad program:

  • Doctoral/post doctoral level students and scholars.
  • Applicants who have been accepted into a graduate school for study of psychology of religion.
  • Mid career/senior scholars who wish to collaborate with a Western psychologist of religion.



Candidate Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for candidate include the following:

  • Inclusion of a clearly defined focus of study.
  • Alignment between the proposed study program and the goals of this grant.
  • Potential for the proposed project to advance the study of Cultural Psychology of Religion.
  • Available resources of the requested university.
  • Academic background of the candidate.
  • Professionalism of the candidate.
  • Candidate’s previous involvement with the activities of this grant.
  • Previous study abroad experience.
  • Candidate’s English comprehension and speaking skills.

Students accepted for short-term course work or doctoral studies in psychology of religion will receive funds for living expenses.


Application is Now Closed

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