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2016 Psychology of Religion Conference

The purpose of the conference is to continue conversation about the nature of the relationship between psychology and religion for the sake of societal and national harmony. We hope that the conference will bring new vision, new inspiration, new ideas, and new research directions. This conference will also provide a forum for all to explore collaborative research opportunities in the field of psychology of religion, to make new contribution in the reconstruction and Inheritance of Chinese traditional harmonious culture.

The deadline to present at this year’s conference has passed. However, attendance is welcome for any scholars who are interested in the subject. If you would like more information about attending this year’s conference or would like to receive information about next year’s conference.

Host Organization: 
Qufu Normal University

Conference Location: 
Qufu Normal University 
No.57 Jingxuan West Road,
Qufu, Shandong
273165, P.R. China


Dr. YANG Zhao-ning
Dean and Professor
College of Educational Science
Qufu Normal University

Dr. Alvin DUECK
Distinguished Professor
Fuller Graduate School of Psychology

Dr. HAN Bu-xin
Professor of Psychology
Institute of Psychology
China Academy of Science

Keynote Speakers:

Louise Sundararajan, Ph.D. 
“Chinese Religion in an age of Perplexity”

Guo Yongyu, Ph.D.
“Traditional Religious Values and Research on Taoist Personality”

Nicholas Gibson, Ph.D.
“Expanding the Conceptual and Methodological Toolbox in the Study of Religious Cognition”

Additional Information:

Conference schedule and 2016 CPOR Conference Handbook

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