Our Programs

The objective of our program is to support Chinese scholars in their endeavors to study the psychology of religion in the context of China. The program is designed to provide training to enhance the scholars' ability and opportunity to further and deepen their research.

Summary of Research Initiatives

Chinese and Western scholars are invited to develop a research program around any of our five research themes. The five themes will serve, we hope, to generate a coherent body of knowledge. In each case known cultural differences may result in differences in the nature of religious belief, emotions, behaviors and relationships.

Psychology of Religion Conference

An annual conference to continue the conversation about the nature of the relationship between psychology and religion and the positive role of psychology and religion for people with different cultures and for national harmony.

Lectureship Tours

A one-week event during which a team of Chinese and Western scholars visit university campuses to present lectures related to psychology of religion. The goal for these lectureship tour is to increase East-West exchange in order to create greater awareness in China of Western research and method in the study of psychology of religion, and vice versa.

Summer Seminars

An annual two-day seminar that utilize a combination of lecture, demonstration, and small group discussion to provide in-depth training in qualitative and quantitative research method. The seminars are designed to enhance scholars' ability to conduct research in psychology of religion.

Study Abroad Program

Graduate students (M.A., Ph.D., or Post Doctoral) and scholars are invited for short-term study abroad to advance their understanding of the field of cultural psychology of religion. The fellowship will be a period of six to twelve months of intensive reading, lecture attendance, and mentoring in psychology of religion with the goal of writing a publishable manuscript or designing a well-defined research project.