Dawei Hsu, Ph.D.


Da-Wei (David) Hsu got his PhD degree at Department of Sociology, Univeristy of Virginia. His specialties includes cultural sociology, social psychology and sociology of religion. His dissertation Meaning, Order, and the 2008 Sichuan studies how people make sense of suffering, life and death, and resume ontological security after the catastrophe. The role of the state, religion and psychological intervention are examined. He joined Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in 2014 as a postdoctoral fellow, working for the Sino-American project of cultural psychology of religion. He is now at Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science, continuing assisting the project. He is collaborating with Prof. Al Dueck on a book chapter on culture and psychopathology, and with Prof. Han Buxin on a paper on relgion and mental health.

Zhongyao Xie, Ph.D.

Dr. Zhongyao Xie is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Travis Research Institute, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. Before joining Fuller, He received his doctoral degree from Department of Medical Psychology at Peking University Health Science Center. His research interests focuses on contributors of depressive episodes, assessment of pathology, the effect of psychological factors in patient rehabilitation and family therapy. Currently as a team member of Sino-American project of cultural psychology of religion, He works closely with Dr. Alvin Dueck and Dr. Buxin Han on the development of psychology of religion in China and the academic exchange between Chinese and western scholars.