Psychology of Religion Conference

The objective of this annual conference is to continue the conversation about the nature of the relationship between psychology and religion and the positive role of psychology and religion for people with different cultures and for national harmony.

We hope that the the conference will bring new vision, new inspiration, new ideas, and new research directions. This conference will also provide a forum for all to explore collaborative research opportunities in the field of psychology of religion, to make new contribution in the reconstruction and Inheritance of Chinese traditional harmonious culture.


The event is typically held in China in the month of May or June. Scholars who are interested in this conference are invited to consider submitting a paper or poster in the following areas:

  1. Methodological innovation. What new methods are available for the study of psychology of religion in China? Can Western instrumentation be of use in the Chinese context and will it require adaptation?
  2. Conversion/deconversion/atheism. How do individuals come to join any of China’s five official religions (Islam, Daoism, Buddhism, Catholicism and Protestantism) and how does that compare with conversions in the West?
  3. Attachment and the experience of transcendence. Research in the West indicates that early attachment experiences with caregivers seem to influence the experience of transcendence. However, attachment is not the same in more collective cultures. Is it possible that cultural differences in attachment influence views of transcendence?
  4. The quality of the communal religious life in China. Little psychological research has been conducted on China’s many ethno-religious minorities. How does the quality, intensity and cohesion of the various ethnic groups shape religious experience and beliefs of individuals? In what specific ways does religious experience facilitate social harmony and human flourishing?
    Religion and health. What religious coping strategies do Chinese religious people use when there is a crisis? Do spiritually informed change interventions result in change and transformation?


Submission Requirements:


Any scholars interested in presenting a paper or poster in the conference should submit a 250 word abstract (English AND Chinese) to the organizing committee. On the abstract, please list (1) the name(s) of the author(s), (2) the affiliated institution, and (3) e-mail address and phone number.

Please note that the research must include elements of culture, psychology, and religion. Any research that does not meet this criteria will NOT be accepted.

Once the abstract is accepted, scholars are expected to follow the instructions provided by the organizing committee to submit further information and material.